Letter of Rev. Fr. Seth Frimpong

Dear Sir/Madam

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, I write to inform you that the next two (2) available communities critically in need of Water are Nkwantakese and Kokoben respectively.

These two (2) communities are farming communities with peasant farmers as the dominant population with a few other people who are artisans engaged in menial jobs like masonry and carpentry for their sustenance.

Kokoben suffers from high illiteracy rate and absence of local industries to absorb the teaming number of unemployed young people. The present sources of water are stream and boreholes in some private and individual homes. Some streams are not able to survive the vagaries if the scorching harmattan weather and inevitably dry up, in such instances, the health of the people and their economic ventures are heavily compromised. The village has a population of about 750 inhabitants.

Nkwantakese is 25km journey from Kumasi a branch off road off Kumasi-Offinso trunk. It has about 5063 people of population, their occupation are mainly peasant farming, and few artisans like masons. In terms of housing, the people live in family compound houses and some few inhabitants put up their own structures. It is a multicultural and multi-religious community with Christians as the dominant group. They rely on water supplied by streams and rainwater and few others rely on their own boreholes Upon careful consideration and deliberation by the committee, the committee has adjudged these two communities as communities in need.

I believe these two communities would meet your consideration and support in good faith. Counting on your usual generosity and cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,
Rev. Fr. Seth Frimpong